Calling Postal EASE..

PostalEase – Your USPS ID Number and PIN number is needed when calling PostalEase that is no different than you are using for the electronic bidding. The PostalEASE PIN will be sent to all USPS employees by mail. So just wait for the letter arrive and keep it securely.

In case you forget your USPS PIN number when calling PostalEase,just pause if the system requires you entering the PIN numbet. You’ll be offered an option to get your own USPS PIN number sent by mail to your current address in the file.

Remember that the TSP PIN number is not the same as your PostalEase PIN number

The toll free number for PostalEase: 1-877-4PSEASE (1-877-4773273)

When problem occured when you are using USPS postal ease, or can not contact using the phone because of deaf, hearing difficulty, or you get another health reason, you can ask for help through local office.

About your PIN:

Please contact PostalEASE telephone number 1-877-477-3273 should you not know your own PIN number.

  • Listen carefully to every one of the options.
  • Press 1 to gain access to PostalEase and Enter your own Employee I.D Number.
  • Press 2   “for those who don’t know your own PIN number.
  • You will hear on the on phone that a PIN # is going to be sent by mail to your own current address.
  • And next You could hang up the phone now. There is no any confirmation number wou will receive for this call.

In seven to ten days you will get your PIN number sent to you

Remember: your PostalEASE PIN # is not similar as your own TSP PIN number.

How to change the PIN?

Have your new PIN that you wish to have ready, contact PostalEase:

  • From all the option when you listening the telephone, press 3 to change your own PIN.
  • Please enter the Employee ID of yours.
  • And then they will ask you to enter your current PIN
  • And after that you need follow the instruction to be able to change the PIN


LiteBlue.USPS.Gov: PostalEASE…


Nowadays PostalEASE is accessible on the internet by going to www. LiteBlue.USPS.Gov(US Postal Service website).To access the website a US Postal Service Employee need to have the USPS Employee ID ready puls the USPS PIN number everytime he or she wants to view the  postal ease liteblue system online.

PostalEase is the U.S. has a function as a Postal Service’s phone enrollment system for TSP transactions (Thrift Savings Plan), allotments, Direct Deposit and many more.
The toll free for PostalEASE: 1-877-4773273 (1-877-4PSEASE).

 Before calling PostalEASE here is the information you need to have ready:
– The SS Number (Social Security)
– Your own PIN Number. For you that do not know or forget your PIN, please contact  PostalEASE, provide everything  required to request the PIN, and it will be sent to your address for less than 10 days – PostalEASE

You can Use Postal EASE:
a)To start contributing to Thrift Savings Plan (TSP),
b)Replace the percentage of your existing Thrift Savings Plan contibution, or
c)You can stop (cancel) (stop) your own current Thrift Savings Plan contributions

Please note that: point (a) and point (b) might be done only during the open seasons of TSP , that are publicized.

If PostalEASE is used for your own allowance to bank selections, please note that you need to have your personal information information ready such as:
• The routing number from your Financial Institution (9 digit)
• The type of your account and account number

When you finished to complete the transaction you would hear your own confirmation number, when your own selections is going to be processed, also when choices you made is going to be shown in your pay check. Record / save this important information details for your own reference.


How to Use USPS PostalEASE

Manage Your Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Enrollment

The USPS PostalEASE telephone system and web site provide a convenient, confidential, and secure way for U.S. Postal Service employees to newly enroll, change current enrollment, or cancel enrollment in the Fed Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. If you have access to USPS PostalEASE on the Internet ( (external link)), at an Employee Self-Service Kiosk (available in some facilities), or on the Intranet (from the Blue page), using these may be easier than using the telephone.

Things that you could do By using the USPS PostalEASE services:

  • Making an adjustment to your own existing enrollment on F.E.H.B Open Season (Nov 14, 2013 until Dec 13, 2013 @ 5 pm. US Central Time).
  • To make an election as a new employee around sixty days from the start of working.
  • Enter the information of your dependents. Remember that the information of the family member that is filled in the USPS PostalEASE isn’t carried to health or medical plans unless of course there’s an enrolment change; especially, the change from Your Self Only to become Your Self & Family or possibly from one medical health option or plan to another plan.
  • To verify coverage as well as adding newly eligible kids to family and your self  enrollment you Need to contact your own medical  plan straightaway.

If you are experiencing a qualifying life event described inside the Table of Permisible Changes that are placed from the the year Guide to Benefit —

  • RI70-2A for A.P.W.U employees,
  • RI70-2EX for P.C.E.S employees (Postal Career Executive Service ),
  • RI70-2IN for United States Postal Inspectors &  career Office of the Inspector General employees, or
  • RI  70-8PS for career other than US Postal Services  employees is found at the web link listed below,  as well as
  • you need to newly enroll or register,
  • to change your own enrollment,
  • to terminate your enrollment, or even
  • reducing your own insurance coverage,

you need to contact the HRSSC for support as described and guided in the upcoming paragraph. ” PostalEase

The toll free number for USPS Employee Service is 1-877-477-3273 .

The HRSSC  needed to be contacted for assistance  if:You may contact the Human Resources Shared Service Center  for assistance if:

  •  you are have hearing problem, or
  •  you are unable to use the phone, the Internet, the Employees SelfService kiosk or Intra-net for a health cause, or
  • you are receiving a message from USPS PostalEASE instructing you to make contact with  HRSSC (Human Resources Shared Service Centre ) when trying to make some changes.

The toll free number for Employee Service is 1-877-4773273 . When prompted, you need to choose 5 for HRSSC (Human Resources Shared Service Centre). Then opt for Benefit to talk to a representative that would help you.

Using TTY to contact the HRSSC , dial 1-866-2607507. Leave your own name,  telephone number or email address  where you could be contacted together with the message that indicate the call you made is relating to USPS PostalEASE matter.

If you aren’t creating any changes modifications to your own current F.E.H.B enrollment, you definitely don’t have to do anything. In the USPS 2012 Guides to Benefits   you can find More details about using USPS PostalEASE .

PostalEase NOTE: The info /data on this site is based on all the information from the USPS & the accuracy of the  data information are completely their responsibility.” PostalEase “…….

What You Need to Know About PostalEase


Effective September 2004 PostalEASE now requires your 8 digit Employee Number.  Locate it on your pay stub.  Your PIN remains the same.

PostalEASE is the Postal Service’s telephone enrollment system that has been used by career employees primarily for Thrift Savings Plan or (TSP) transactions.  Recently it has been expanded to include many other Employee Payroll and Benefit management options.On thePayroll side, you can add, cancel or change your allotments as well as your payroll net-to-bank(Direct Deposit) choices.  You and transfer earnings to as many as three financial institutions, (two for allotments and one for a net to bank). These can include banks, savings and loans and credit unions.  As a result of this option, your personnel office will no longer accept form PS 1199- A Direct Deposit.To do this you will need to locate the routing number for your financial institution and the account number you want funds transferred from or to, usually on the bottom of your checks or deposit slips.
If unsure, obtain the necessary information (both the financial institution routing number and the account number you want earnings transferred to) by calling your financial institution; you may then quickly make necessary net-to-bank changes via PostalEASE. Also on the payroll side, you can manage your e-Travel net-to-bank options, make changes to your Federal W-4, add, cancel or change your Savings Bond options, and view up to 15 years of your earnings W-2or request a reprint mailed to you.PostalEASE On the Benefits side, you can use PostalEASE to enroll or change FEHB options except for special life event changes that must receive special authorization.
You may enroll, change or cancel your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) benefit, add, change or delete TSP Catch-Up Contributions if eligible, enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and, if eligible, request an Annual Leave Exchange.  This is a lump sum received in lieu of advanced annual leave at the beginning of the next year.  Requests for these benefits usually must be made during the Open Season for the benefit in question.  Be sure to verify your Open Season dates.It is important to note that you may only enroll, change or cancel your withholding for the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).Postal Eaase
To make interfund transfer requests, you need to change your T.S.P investment options, request or check the status of TSP loans, request withdrawals or view your Participant Statement you need to access your account at the Thrift Savings Plan Website.Postal EASE – When you use PostalEASE, you will be given a Confirmation Number at the end of all transactions for your records.  The actions requested are not confirmed and will not take place until you are given the confirmation number.  Be sure to write it down with the details of the request and keep it in a safe location.


PostalEASE LiteBlue on the Web

PostalEASE LiteBlue is coming to the Internet!!  The USPS announced November 12, 2004 that employees now have access to limited portions of the Intranet via liteblue.  While as of the announcement date access to PostalEASE LiteBlue is not yet available, it’s coming soon!

Check out your new home access to liteblue.  All you need is your Employee ID Number and your PostalEASE PIN.   When available, PostalEASE will be under the “My Life” tab.  Until then, you can still access PostalEASE via the Blue Page on the Intranet as follows.

For postal employees who have access to the Postal Intranet, or in larger postal facilities have access to an Employee Kiosk, you have the option of accessing and making changes to your PostalEASE LiteBlue account on the web.  To do this, login to the “Blue Page” and click on the tab titled “My Life.”

Under “Essential Links” on the left side of the page look down the column about 2/3 to the PostalEASE LiteBlue link.  At the login page enter your Employee ID Number and PostalEase PIN.  The PIN is the same PIN you use when using the telephone.  From there just follow the links and instructions to complete any requests or changes to your benefits, direct deposit, personal information or change your PIN..

Something that you need to remember, while postal employees do not have access to PostalEASE LiteBlue from home via the Internet yet, it’s coming soon! “PostalEASE LiteBlue