PostalEASE is a telephone system that provides a convenient, confidential, and secure way to make your allotments or “net direct deposit” choices.

Use PostalEASE to:

  1. Begin the transfer of a portion of your earnings to one or two financial institutions (allotments). Or
  2. Begin the transfer of all your earnings (net direct deposit) to a financial institution.
  3. Change your current allotments. or your current net direct deposit financial institution, or cancel one or more of your allotments, or your net direct deposit.

Directions for Use

  • Gather the Needed Information

To use PostalEASE, have the following information ready when you call:
(1) Your Social Security Number
(2) Your USPS Personal Identification Number
(3) Routing Number of your Financial Institution (KPOCU = 264279554)
(4) the account numbers you will be transferring earnings to.

Call the toll-free Number
CallĀ PostalEASE toll-free at 1-877-4PS-EASE (1-877-477-3273)When prompted, select PostalEASE, then enter your SSN and your USPS PIN. Follow the script and prompts to complete the transaction.” PostalEase


After completing your entries, you would hear and should note the following: Confirmation number, processed date, and the date that these changes will take effect (a future payday). It is recommended that you keep this information. Should you have any trouble using PostalEASE, or if you are unable to use the telephone because you are deaf, hard of hearing, or for a medical reason, you may contact your local personnel office for assistance. Your personnel office can also provide you with specific information concerning your USPS P.I.N, a copy of the USPS Privacy Act Statement, & a convenient worksheet that outlines the above listed steps.


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