PostalEASE LiteBlue on the Web

PostalEASE LiteBlue is coming to the Internet!!  The USPS announced November 12, 2004 that employees now have access to limited portions of the Intranet via liteblue.  While as of the announcement date access to PostalEASE LiteBlue is not yet available, it’s coming soon!

Check out your new home access to liteblue.  All you need is your Employee ID Number and your PostalEASE PIN.   When available, PostalEASE will be under the “My Life” tab.  Until then, you can still access PostalEASE via the Blue Page on the Intranet as follows.

For postal employees who have access to the Postal Intranet, or in larger postal facilities have access to an Employee Kiosk, you have the option of accessing and making changes to your PostalEASE LiteBlue account on the web.  To do this, login to the “Blue Page” and click on the tab titled “My Life.”

Under “Essential Links” on the left side of the page look down the column about 2/3 to the PostalEASE LiteBlue link.  At the login page enter your Employee ID Number and PostalEase PIN.  The PIN is the same PIN you use when using the telephone.  From there just follow the links and instructions to complete any requests or changes to your benefits, direct deposit, personal information or change your PIN..

Something that you need to remember, while postal employees do not have access to PostalEASE LiteBlue from home via the Internet yet, it’s coming soon! “PostalEASE LiteBlue



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